• It is manufactured from our multi stage, vertical or horizontal type, end suction, inline, split body double suction pumps.
  • An extra pump is added to the system.
  • The shaft material is stainless steel and the impeller is made of bronze.
  • Body material varies according to the pressure class.
  • Hydraulic curves of the pumps and accessories used NFPA 20 meet the requirements of the current Fire Regulations and Public Works Specifications.
  • It is selected according to the pump flow rate. There is an eccentric reduction in the suction line and concentric reduction in the discharge line.
  • Suction line valves are discharge line valve and butterfly valve with a rising spindle (OS&Y) and the check valve is disco check valve.
  • The pumps have a body relief valve.
  • Control systems are separate for each pump.
  • It is suitable for building automation systems.
  • There is a weekly test program, audible and light alarm.
  • Pumps are ready for installation together with the control panel.


Engine Control Unit Information (Electric Motor)

  • Board Case
  • DKP Sheet, 1,5mm phosphate, RAL 3000 Kiln powder coated.
  • Star Triangle
  • Startup / Star Triangle
  • Programmable Relay (PLC)
  • Minimum Run Time Relay (PLC)
  • Auto Start – Auto Stop Option
  • Manuel Start – Manuel Stop Option
  • Automatic Test System (PLC)
  • General Warning and Fault Alarm with Audible – Illuminated
  • Alarm Silence Button
  • Test Solenoid
  • Manual Operation Button
  • “Pump Enabled” Signal Lamp
  • “Pump Disabled” Signal Lamp
  • Remote Operation Button Connection
  • Signal Lamp Test Button
  • Locked Rotor Protection Relay
  • Lightning Protector
  • Circuit Breaker Switch
  • Isolation Switch
  • Emergency Mechanical Operation
  • “Test Lamp” Signal Lamp
  • Power Convenient Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • Phase Loss Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • Reverse Phase Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • Pump Status Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • Test Start Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • Start Error Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • General Alarm Relay (Dry Contact Output)
  • “Power Available” Signal Lamp
  • “Phase Loss” Signal Lamp
  • “Reverse Phase” Signal Lamp
  • “Locked Rotor” Signal Lamp
    Phase Loss Relay
  • Phase Sequence (Reverse) Relay
  • “Start Error” Signal Lamp