Our production of light foam proportioners and sprayers, which started in 2011, continued till 2017 with the addition of new products. In 2017, we expanded our machine park and added our R&D test departments. Until 2019, we have done the R&D and design of many products. During this process, we tried to improve our own design and technical working principles in all the products we have worked on. With 2019 TUYAK fair, we have presented 70% of the products we have worked on. We are still working on our products, which are still on the R&D stage. Although our aim is to do business, it has also been to offer a local and quality product base to our country and to open a new alternative on the world fire safety sector which is getting smaller. We are aware that the fire safety sector is not only a business which consists the market and we are aware that every product produced is equivalent to life and property. Our team which has started to work in this sector in 1995 and we continue to work with the responsibility of understanding the accuracy of conscientious awareness both with our own portfolio and with fires in all sectors..