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Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler head is a product with a lot of varieties depending on the application and purpose of usage. However, lesser types of heads are used.
When we assess according to temperature values there are 8 types between 57 ° C and 260 ° C. Usually 68 ° C types are used.
There are 11 types in terms of water flow between K-3 and K-25.2. K-5.6 (80) is the most used type.
There are 9 types with regards to application areas.

Each head type defined above and outside foam heads has many types and also there are many types of heads according to metal it is made of, coating color.

* Normal Coating Area Sprinkler
Flabby, Vertical and Wall type
* Extended Facing Disciplinary Sprinkler
flabby, Vertical and Wall
* Warehouse Type Sprinkler
Flabby and Vertical Type
* Residential Type Sprinkler
Flabby and Wall type

Sprinkler Heads Open Degrees
  • 57°C
  • 68°C
  • 79°C
  • 93°C
  • 141°C
  • 182°C