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Panel (Micro) Extinguishing Systems

Panel extinguishing systems are used in small volumes like electrical panels, etc. Extinguisher in this system is formed by withdrawal of hat tubing. There are two applications as direct and indirect.

In direct application fire extinguishing gas discharges from the first point where tubing detects fire (explosion point due to heat) and intervenes fire from the fire first point fire and extinguishes the fire. There is no need for pipe for gas flow.

In indirect application when pre-pressurized tubing explodes due to fire valve of the gas bottle is opened due to sudden pressure loss and gas is discharged to fire area through additional piping in panel.

It can be integrated into the existing fire detection system and monitored from a central detection system as an option.

Area of use of Panel (Micro) Extinguishing System
  • Electrical distribution panels,
  • CNC machine tools,
  • UPS units,
  • Computer cabinets,
  • Wind energy turbines,
  • Transformer and generator units,
  • Armored vehicles used in social events,
  • Armored vehicles used by banks for money transfers,
  • All public transport vehicles, engines or power units,