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Novec 1230 Extinguishing Systems

All inert gas fire extinguishing systems engineered, designed, sold, installed, supervised and maintained by Marmara Yangın are imported with international certifications. Because there is no harm to human health it can be used safely in human environment.

Novec 1230 fire extinguisher is along-lasting sustainable solution for fire protection in special hazard class. This second-generation halon alternative provides high human safety and superior extinguishing performance and it has minimum impact on the environment. Ozone depletion prevention (ODP) is zero. It has only 5 days atmospheric life and its greenhouse effect coefficient (GWP) is 1.

Because it is stored in liquid form in drums, it ensures ease of storage and offers possibility of easy transportation by airlines without limitation. If a very a simple process is needed without the need for complex filling stations on-site filling is offered.

It provides effective solutions for Class A, Class B and Class C offers fires.

Areas of uses of Novec 1230 Extinguishing Systems
  • Computer rooms,
  • Archives and libraries,
  • Museums and art galleries,
  • Cable galleries,
  • Telecommunication facilities,
  • GSM link stations and booths,
  • Power transmission rooms,
  • Electrical control board rooms,