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CO2 Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems

All CO2 gaseous fire extinguishing systems engineered, designed, sold, installed, supervised and maintained by Marmara Yangın are imported with international certifications.

CO2 Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System is a high-pressure system and operates at 60 bar pressure.

Software used for hydraulic calculations and design is VDS approved. CO2 Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems can be designed as a whole to the protected volume or it can be used as a Point or local extinguishing system.

It is the most suitable gas for use in local and point applications and used as the most effective solution especially in places where chemicals are available. CO2 gas extinguishes the fire by reducing the oxygen concentration in the fire area below the oxygen concentration level required for the maintenance of the fire.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas. It is inconvenient to use CO2 in human environment because it ceases the contact of oxygen with burning material and it has "whelming" effect.

It provides effective solutions for Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D fires,

Characteristics of CO2 gaseous extinguishing systems
  • Firefighting ability is very high,
  • Available for Point or local use,
  • It cannot be used in human environment
  • It is electrically not conductive,
  • The system can create dust when emptied,
  • Refilling cost is very low,
  • Discharge period is maximum of 60 seconds,
Areas of uses for CO2 gaseous extinguishing systems
  • Transformer rooms
  • Generator rooms
  • Cable galleries,
  • Engine rooms,
  • Paint booths,
  • Electrical control board rooms,