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Mobile Foam Devices

Mobile vehicle 150

Dimensions of Wakkum portable foam device are produced considering corridors, doorways and a corrosion and with solvent fuel oil tanks they are ideal choice for intervention to small fires for all industrial structures. 200 lt. – 400lt. – 800lt. capacity melanger can be installed.
Origin Turkey
Brand Wakkum
Function Water curtain
Code WKA .150
Records 2” Storz
Foam Tank Capacity 150 lt.
foam Tank Material Stainless steel (304)
Foam melanger 2” %0,5-06 adjustable
With foam nozzle spherical valve 2”
Firefighting hose 2” 20 m. (2 pieces)
Length 800
Width 650
Height 650
Weight (kg.) (Empty) 34.000
Working pressure 5-16 bar