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Foam forms an alcohol-resistant aqueous film and FireAde 2000 AR-AFFF is the newest generation of products formulated environmentally. Its eco-friendly formula and Green Factor technology use prevents environmental damage and shows our commitment to environment. FireAde 2000 AR-AFFF produces a stable, heat-resistant self-sealing blanket, this feature does not cause gum sticking or corrosion of foam systems and equipment and provides a unique performance.

FireAde 2000 includes "ZERO" harmful materials and compared to the majority of the AR-AFFF products it reduces viscosity. FireAde 2000 AR-AFFF can be used in all foam portioning / division / separation systems, line discharges and standard foam equipment without this reduction adverse effects on viscosity given in its license.

  • Environmental formula
  • 98% organic material
  • It does not contain PFOA or PFOS
  • Zero Harmful Chemical
  • Includes Water Based and Food classified Materials
  • Recyclable
  • It does not contain undeclared ingredients under Superfund Changes and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III, 40 CFR-372, Section 313 or Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).


For 3% hydrocarbon fires approved with 7. Publication and under international fire hazard management UL 162 FireAde 2000 AR-AFFF resource protection is certified LastFire also hydrocarbon fires at 1 %.

Flow Rate in practice

  • Non-polar solvents for 10-20 min 3% - 0.10 gpm / ft2
  • Polar solvents alcohol-ethanol for 20-30 minutes 3% - 0.17 gpm / ft2

  • Additional Applications

    FireAde 2000AR-AFFF can be used in a wide range of Class B fires. Typical applications include warehouses, storage tanks, loading areas, loading racks and etc. FireAde 2000 AR-AFFF is also suitable as a wetting agent for Class A fires at 0,25-% to 1%.

    Shelf life Sealing 20-25 years. Compliance

    • It is compatible with all finished foam brands.
    • It is compatible with all concentrated FireAde products.

    Cleaning Instructions

    Class B tanks must be cleaned before adding FireAde 2000AR-AFFF. After FireAde 2000 AR-AFFF is added ensure product flow to be sure that the foam tank operates. Physical Features

    • Appearance: Natural amber
    • PH: 7.5-8.5
    • Viscosity: 900 cps
    • Min. Storage temperature: 35 F (2 C)
    • Max. Storage temperature: 120 F (49 C)

    Shipping Information
    FireAde 2000AR-AFFF concentrate suitable for shipping with bucket, drums and in bulk.