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FireAde 2000

Product features:

FireAde 2000 is material used for fire extinguishing with water. It has the following characteristics:
  • Forms for a stable foam coating
  • Uses hydrocarbon suspension technology
  • Reacts with Free radicals
  • Reduces the surface tension

FireAde 2000 has been developed specifically for various applications. Its molecular structure allows storage of hydrocarbon fuels with intensive "chemical core." When FireAde 2000 is added to the correct amount water it becomes unburnable with capsulation of chemical hydrocarbons by flammable liquids.

One of the major advantages of the FireAde 2000 is to remain unburnable during subsequent cleaning and disposal of hydrocarbon fuels. It is used in Class A fires to increase 0.5% to 1%, in class B fires to increase 3% to 6% by adding FireAde 2000 to water at inductor percentage basis.

FireAde 2000 is added to water using conventional functional branch pipes or empty branch pipes. It is possible to obtain very stable heavy or medium foam using FireAde 2000. As an ingredient FireAde 2000 use is particularly suitable for extinguishing wood, rubber, paper, straw, coal fires involving polar and non-polar solvents.

Compatibility with Other Fire Extinguishing Agents
FireAde 2000 should not be confused with other products.

Compatibility with other foam extinguishers
FireAde 2000 is compatible with other fire extinguishing foams.