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Drager PSS 7000

  • Drager PSS 7000
  • Drager PSS 7000
Together with Bodyguard 7000 unit

Drager Bodyguard 7000, is an electronic signal and alarm unit ensuring monitoring system status information and user information constantly during use of Drager PSS 7000 respiratory system meeting personal protection requirements alone. Thanks to innovative and ergonomic design of Drager Bodyguard 7000 unit, pressure sensor and power supply unit are placed into the back plate and Drager PSS 7000 system weight is distributed uniformly and lighter and smaller electronic monitoring unit has been developed.

  • Digital and Analog representation of cylinder pressure are available.
  • Integrated ADSI and inactivity signals are available.
  • It has feature of automatic self-test and system test features.
  • It keeps person specific information with personal registration information.
  • Wireless computer connection is available.