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Drager Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders and Steel Cylinders produced using the most advanced technology and most advanced materials can be safely used by professionals in any environment where it is impossible or difficult to breath.
Steel cylinders developed considering the needs of many different industries like maritime industry and industrial sector are presented as a more economical option. These cylinders are CE marked, complies with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC and BS EN 1964-1: 1999 and EN 12245: 2002 standards.

Especially in recent years, carbon composite cylinders with compressed air capacity are preferred to steel cylinders and they are made of welding-free aluminum layer coated with carbon and glass fibers after being shaped. With 4-axis coating it is coated by carbon fiber or glass fiber in an epoxy mold coating. This layer coated to the outer surface allows it to be resistant to impact and abrasion it may be exposed during use of the tube.

After the epoxy is cured at elevated temperature gel coating is applied to the outer surface of the tube. This coating makes the tube surface smooth and easy to clean. These cylinders are CE marked and complies with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC and EN 12245: 2002 standards.